SDD Office

Exterior, Raw Materials Chassis Commodity Councils

This Commodity Councils are responsible for assisting diverse suppliers that produce parts used in the vehicle exterior shell, raw materias and in the chassis.

Structural and Class A Stampings Hinges Door Beams
Weatherstrips/Vehicle Sealing Glass Door Modules
Latches Locksets Wiper/Washer Systems
Bumpers/Fascias Mirrors Exterior Lighting
Climate Control Systems & FEMs Running Boards Exterior Plastics (Bodysides, Grilles, GORs/GOPs, Spoilers)
Luggage Racks Composite Body Panels Moonroofs
Convertible Roofs Fasteners Tires
Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Wheels Wheel Ornamentation
Fuel Tanks Fuel Delivery Systems Machined Castings/Forgings
Pedal Systems Parking Brakes Ft/Rr Suspension Modules
Steering Systems Control Arms Coil & Leaf Springs
Stabilizer Bars Bearings Spindles/Knuckles
Jack/Jack Kits Brake Systems Frames
Shocks/Struts High Pressure Hoses